Electromagnetic radiation has been linked to undisputable biological and health effects including risk of cancer, Parkinson’s, autism, Alzheimer and ADHD.  The World Health Organization classifies radio frequencies as class 2B carcinogen, same as DDT and lead in its press release of May 2011.

Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is generated by: 

Cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, baby monitors, cell phone antennas, smart meters, smart boards, Bluetooth, and any wireless microwave transmission.

7 Harmful Facts about wireless technologies

               1. Cell phones and Wi-Fi use microwave frequencies

               2. These non ionizing radiation do cellular and DNA damage

               3. Using devices too close to reproductive organs may lead to infertility

               4. Pregnant women should use caution when using devices

               5. Children’s skull is thinner & absorbs more radiation from cell phone use

               6. EMF’s decrease melatonin secretions leading to unbalanced sleep patterns

               7. Exposure to cell phone radiations affect the blood brain barrier